Drug overdose is an accidental or intentional use of medicine or drug in an amount higher than what should normally be used or is prescribed by the doctor.

Tylenol Pm on a plane? Ok, so i know this is a bad habit, but usually when i go on vacation, in order to enjoy it more, i'll How many tylenol pms to trip take a How many tylenol pms to trip tylenol pm at night to get to .

Best Answer: The same amount that could cause you permanent damage or death. So do yourself a big favor and don't. . Way too many. You would trash your .

Best Answer: wake up don't go to sleep. get to the emergency room. . My friend he is 16 and short and takes like 8 to get high and hes just fine and not even tired .

Best Answer: If you are contemplating suicide, that is a horrible way to go. Won't kill you right away (unless you take the truckload necessary for the .

Tylenol discussions on DrugTalk.com . I have lost weight and wrote two prescriptions. Tylenol 3 (with codiene) Bentyl The tylenol, though it . taking it.

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How to Take TYLENOL� PM If I wake up in the middle of the night, can I take more TYLENOL� PM? When to Use TYLENOL� PM When should I use TYLENOL� PM?

If you are pregnant, avoid all medications whenever possible and use them only after talking with your health-care provider. From the many studies done on this .

Gonna make myself stay awake so I trip balls . Originally Posted by Jim K Gonna make myself stay awake so I trip balls great idea OP . o hai

I am a very bad flyer.. I get very claustrophobic and panicky. I was thinking

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